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Raffle Licenses

  • To be eligible for a raffle license in Sangamon County, you must be a Non-Profit Organization in existence for at least 5 years. Non-Profit status would include the following types of organizations: Charitable, Educational, Businesses, Fraternities, Religious, Veterans or Labor Organizations. Click here to download a Sangamon County raffle application. Click here to download the prize payment record. If you are a political organization click here for information on obtaining a State Board of Elections raffle application.
  • A non-profit fundraising organization that the County Clerk determines is organized for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to an identified individual or group of individuals suffering extreme financial hardship as the result of an illness, disability, accident or disaster may also be eligible for a raffle license.


  • The initial fee for a raffle licnese is $25.00 or 1%, whichever is higher, of the total retail value of all prizes awarded if the total value of all prizes is determined at the time of application. If the total value of all prizes is undetermined at the time of application, an initial payment of $25.00 must be submitted, then after the raffle drawing an additional amount totaling 1% of the total value of all prizes awarded shall be remitted to the Sangamon County Clerk if the total prize value awarded exceeded $2,500. Click here to download the prize payment record.

Additional Information

  • Each license is good for one year. You must have a license for each different raffle. Raffle tickets may only be sold in Sangamon County.
  • Your raffle application must be completed in full before the license is issued. The presiding officer and a secretary (if applicable) or manager of the organization must sign the license. The presiding officer must also sign the last page of the application to waive the required bond.
  • All organizations must abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the Sangamon County Code. Click here to download the rules and regulations.

For more information, please call (217) 753-6700, e-mail by clicking here or come to Room 101 of the Sangamon County Complex, 200 S. Ninth Street, Springfield, IL 62701


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